Privacy Policy


By using our services, you are entrusting Thorwin Real Estate LP operating as Thorwin Properties (“Thorwin Properties”) with your personal information. We acknowledge that this is a big responsibility and promise to take every possible step within our control to protect your information.


We respect your right to online privacy. When you use our website, your information will only be used in conjunction with providing you enhanced services related to our site. We will never sell or share your personal information with any third party.


Like most internet sites, we also collect anonymous data on how our visitors use our site and that information is used to better understand client traffic and to improve your online experience with us.


Personal Information


Personal information is collected to determine suitability to enter into a tenancy agreement in accordance with provincial law and includes gender, age, income, employment history, credit and rental history and emergency contact And also includes information such as any vehicles owned by a tenant; personal information of guarantor or covenantor of any lease. Information collected is from two sources, your standard rent application and through supporting documents such as letters of employment, bank statements, credit checks to be used for qualification and identification purposes. We do not collect information without your written consent. Thorwin Properties is not responsible for incorrect information provided by way of third party or reporting agencies and reserves the right to refuse tenancy based on any such information.


Security of Personal Information


We will take all necessary steps to protect your personal information by limiting access of your information to only staff within Thorwin Properties which is necessary in making a determination regarding your application or ongoing tenancy. All information is stored securely within our offices and is disposed of in accordance with the law. All staff are required to adhere to the terms of this policy.


Your personal information is retained only for the time it is required for the identified purposes and up to a period of five (5) years after the tenancy is terminated or as required by law.


Changes to this Privacy Policy


We reserve the right to change our privacy policy from time to time without notice. All changes will be posted on our website.


How to Register a Complaint


You have the right to register a complaint by contacting our office. We will investigate all complaints and if a complaint proves justified, we will take immediate and appropriate action.


Kris Thorkelson

President of Thorwin Real Estate LP