Black Friday: Enjoyable Shopping!

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The most wanted shopping day of the year is around the corner. We all know what this day is about – huge sales in every store. How do we manage to buy everything we need, what do we need, and how to fit it into the budget? These and more questions we answer in today's blog. 


What do we need to buy? 

  1. We need to plan our shopping to avoid chaos. First, check your wishlists all around online platforms. Then, determine what is urgent to buy and create a separate list for each store.  

  1. Don't forget to check around the house – broken mirrors and hangers are good examples of what is good to buy for less.  

  1. Next step – visit your favourite stores online and offline, so you know about new deals and collections. Also, mark current prices and compare them between stores. 

  1. If you’re doing online shopping, search for additional promotional codes to save money on your purchase or shipping costs.  

  1. Check your calendar and see if you have any upcoming celebrations, including Christmas. Black Friday is a perfect time to shop for gifts.  


Where do we shop? 

We have two main ways of shopping – online and offline. Online shopping is easier since you don't need to waste time waiting in lines. This way, the only problem might be website over traffic and crash, which is temporary.  

Offline shopping has bonuses, as you can try the clothing on and check if every item you buy is in good condition.  


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Here are a few tips on smooth in-person shopping: 

  1. Take sanitizer and a mask with you.  

  1. Wear comfortable clothing. 

  1. Prepare bags and take a big purse.  

  1. Bring snacks, and bottled water, and pack a sandwich. 

  1. Search for parking in the area before shopping day.  

  1. Create a list of items and stores, and check store hours. 

  1. The evening will be busy, so try shopping in the early hours. 

  1. Take a friend with you to check stores for each other. 

  1. Create a money limit. You can take cash only to avoid unexpected expenses. 


Remember: the roads will be busy. Drive safe and check the weather. 




How to avoid huge lines? 

The easiest way is to shop online. In case you want to go to the store, here are some tips: 

  1. Try clothing a few days before and go to the store just to purchase. 

  1. Take a friend who can wait in line for you. 

  1. Ask if you can put the item on hold if there is a huge line. 

  1. Prioritize your purchases and shop regarding store hours. 


Tip: Beware of final sales! 

Take note: due to huge sales, your online shipments may be delayed. Create a plan B if you shop for gifts. 


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