Top 10 Back to School Tips for Families

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It's not easy for anyone to admit, but the summer is officially over. Kids are heading back to their classrooms, and it's time for parents to jump into the school routine. Not the most pleasant and easy job for kids and parents, but we're here with some tips that'll make the transition easier—and more fun! 


  1. Routine Game 

The easiest way for kids to follow the routine is for you to make it fun. Create a daily schedule and let your kid mark it done. You can reward them with stickers and if they got enough stickers for you by the end of the week – they got a present. It doesn't have to be an expensive one – favourite food, family games, etc.  

  1. Eating Breakfast 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast before going to school will provide them with enough energy during the day. 


  1. Time Management 

Teach your kids to save time by colour-coding the clock. Mark play hours with green, study hours with orange, sleep time with blue, and so on. Let your kids help you with creating it. The more enjoyable you make it – the best psychological effect it will bring. 

Color-Coded After School Alarm Clock For Kids Routine 

  1. To-Do Board 

It is perfect for house chores. Get some clothespins, create cards with chores and pin them to a visible area in a kids' room. You can create a special place or hide them around the room. Each way is a great reminder to keep things on track.