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Residential parking permit program

Parking may be a challenge for all the residents in downtown Winnipeg. City centre life is always busy, and parking is restricted or expensive. So, what to do if you live in the area and your apartment building has no parking? No worries, Winnipeg services took care of it!    A residential parking permit program…

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Top 10 Back to School Tips for Families

It's not easy for anyone to admit, but the summer is officially over. Kids are heading back to their classrooms, and it's time for parents to jump into the school routine. Not the most pleasant and easy job for kids and parents, but we're here with some tips that'll make the transition easier—and more fun! …

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Apartment Recycling Tips

Recycling is a great way to help the environment, reduce waste and save you money. If you ever need a reminder of what items can be recycled, remember the acronym PPMG. It stands for Plastic, Paper, Metal and Glass, which can almost always be placed in your recycling bin. When it comes to recycling, there…

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How to apply for an apartment on

The Thorwin Team cares about the customer experience. We work diligently to provide you with the rental information you need. We have created a few video tutorials on how to apply for a Winnipeg apartment on our website at   Learn about the general application process here: How to apply as an international student: A quick…

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