14 Great BBQ Safety Tips for this Summer

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It’s that time of year again and I know everyone is looking forward to doing some barbecuing this summer. I want to provide you with some BBQ safety reminder tips as a simple accident can cause major structural fire damage to your apartment, townhome, house rental property, and to your neighbour.

14 Great BBQ Safety Tips for the Summer

  1. Make sure all hose connections are tight and in good condition;
  2. Never leave a barbeque unattended when cooking;
  3. Keep children and pets far away from a hot grill, and never leave them unsupervised in the area of an ignited barbecue;
  4. Barbecue in an open outdoor space due to ventilation and safety reasons. Keep the barbecue at least 3 meters from windows and doors;
  5. Keep the barbecue away from wooden fences, wooden walls, combustible overhead roofs, and trees with low branches;
  6. Don't allow an accumulation of grease to occur by keeping your grill and burners clean – this will help to minimize the chances that you will have a serious grease fire;
  7. Use long-handled tongs and brushes while grilling that put an extra bit of distance between you and the flames;
  8. Never use a BBQ starter fluid, charcoal briquettes, wood, or gasoline in combination with your propane barbecue. This can be highly flammable and an unstable situation that may cause widespread damage to your property, personal injury, or loss of life;
  9. Never fight a grease fire with water – this will only cause the flames to flare up;
  10. Highly recommended, having a fire extinguisher at hand and knowing how to use it. You can purchase a fire extinguisher at Canadian Tire, please see link https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/search-results.html?q=fire+extinguisher;
  11. Wear appropriate clothing, don’t wear loose clothing as it may catch on fire;
  12. If you do burn yourself, run the affected area under cool water for five minutes. If your burn is serious (charring, blistering) seek medical attention right away;
  13. Make sure your grease tray is clean before you light your barbecue while cooking on low-medium heat settings. This will help reduce the chance of smoke or unwanted smells that may be bothersome to your neighbours, damaging your walls, and painted surfaces;
  14. Clean up the area where you were cooking. Pick up papers, leftover food, and trash.

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Please visit 

Community By-law Enforcement Services on Residential Portable Barbecues.
Please see reference link: https://winnipeg.ca/cms/bles/pns/pdfs/PortableBBQs.pdf

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