What to do in Downtown Winnipeg – COVID Edition

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After an icy and frigid Winnipeg winter, we’re all excited and ready for a great summer. The weather is getting warmer, and the daylight is stretching longer each day. Unfortunately, with COVID-19 cases on the rise, Manitoba is at the Critical level, according to Pandemic Response System. That means no restaurants and other attractions are open. But not to worry, below is a list of what to do and things to enjoy in Downtown Winnipeg while adhering to COVID-19 protocols!

  1. Let us start with the Forks; a meeting place, where two rivers join (https://www.theforks.com/attractions). This district sets in several buildings with a historical background. At first, it was a railway repair facility, and today it is a great area full of architectural and natural elements. It is a great opportunity to play on the river, have a nice riverside walk, or run. If you ride a bicycle, you will enjoy doing it there. Need a company? No problem, Canadian geese are there for you!
  2. A little walk from Forks and we are at the Legislative Building. The main building is made of Tyndall stone and Italian marble. This neoclassical construction was erected in 1919. There are secret numerical codes (https://www.frankalbo.com/tours) on it as well as hieroglyphics and freemason symbols. The area includes monuments, different statues, and a magnificent garden. Another feature is that the Golden Boy statue is plated with 23.5-carat gold. You can discover the area, enjoy a little picnic on the grass or outdoor sports activities.
  3. Seeking the right atmosphere? The Victorian and Edwardian century architecture is what the Exchange district is about (https://www.exchangedistrict.org/). The name reflects different financial institutions, built in the 1880s. Visit the Old Market Square and take a stroll through its streets. You can find the Pantages Playhouse Theatre, as well as a Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre just around the corner.
  4. Another place to have a nice evening promenade is Corydon Avenue. Enjoy your downtime exploring local restaurants located along the street, which are also open to takeout. Discover street art (http://www.corydonbiz.com/colours-of-corydon) such as the eight metal figures, representing Spain, Japan, Ukraine, Argentina, Greece, Scotland, Italy, and France.
  5. We cannot forget St. Boniface Cathedral (http://www.cathedralestboniface.ca/index.php) – the oldest building in Western Canada (1818). It is set in a pleasant park home to numerous gravestones, including the grave of Louis Riel. Enjoy the beautiful view of the river and glimpses of downtown Winnipeg. All the streets around have a sidewalk, so you can explore the area safely.

Now, I can offer you some special activities, which has no stable location:

  1. Life-streamed concerts. There is a list of different music performances live-streamed on weekends. Visit the https://www.todocanada.ca/live-music-concerts-live-streamed-this-weekend/ website to check the program. You can find some Canadian concerts as well as worldwide ones. Also, you can find some virtual theatre performances.
  2. Self-Guided Tours. There are a lot of such tours with a map and specific locations. You can check the Saint-Boniface Historical Tour Trail (https://baladodiscovery.com/circuits/836/saint-boniface-historical-tour). It is 3.47km away with 19 points to visit. There is also a QR-code tour (http://www.winnipegarchitecture.ca/tours/qr/). Starting anywhere downtown, you just open your QR-code reader on the phone and stroll through the streets.
  3. Cyclist’s map (https://www.bikewinnipeg.ca/from-a-to-b-in-ywg/#sthash.sobGvHHE.dpbs). If you are a big fan of biking, you can download a special map for cyclists in Winnipeg. It has different bike-friendly routes and is handy to have.

We are hoping the current COVID 19 situation will change soon, and you can enjoy more activities with your family and friends. Stay safe and remember to practice social distancing rules.

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