BEAT THE HEAT – Inside and Outside your home!

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Winnipeg’s summer heat may be challenging. The main risk associated with it is overheating. That is a starting point towards a heatstroke. When it is hot outside, your body works harder to keep your core temperature under 37 degrees. Children and older adults are at higher risk of overheating, as well as outdoor workers and people with special health conditions.
As a leading company, Thorwin Properties provides air conditioning units for most of our listings, and we continue to strive to improve your daily living.
We want everyone to be able to enjoy the summer without fear of the heat. Here are some tips on how you can keep your body cool when outside:
  • Drink cool water even if you don’t feel thirsty
  • Go to an air-conditioned place (for instance, the mall)
  • Wear loose, light-coloured clothing and a hat outside
  • Stay in the shade or even use an umbrella outside
  • Plan your outdoor activity (choose the evening for your walks and exercise)
  • Try to avoid intense physical activity outside
  • Take cool showers and use cold, wet towels to cool down
Sounds good, right? You can stay home or take a refreshing shower during the day. What should you do if it’s too hot at home and you don’t have an air conditioner? Here are some more tips on how to keep your home cool:
  • Keep blinds or drapes closed to block out the sunlight
  • Try not to use your oven during the day; rather, cook in the evening instead
  • Unplug all the electronics when not in use
  • Use fans; make sure you use them properly as fans don’t cool the air but instead move the air around. It is best to use your fan next to a window — box fans are a great option
  • Try not to use a fan in a room without windows or doors that open to the outside
  • Try not to use fans when the inside temperature is 34°C and more as it creates a “convection oven” effect
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