New Exciting Ways to Workout at Home

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It has been over a year and a half since the COVID-19 outbreak, which affected daily routines and activities for everyone. Fitness facilities and local gyms were just some of the businesses impacted by the COVID-19 restrictions and the lockdowns in our city. Thankfully with COVID-19 regulations starting to loosen up, local gyms and other fitness facilities are available again. To get you more motivated, prepared, and back on schedule, here are a few helpful tricks and workout tips for you to use to make the most of your Apartment’s Fitness Center and at-home gyms!
Here are workout exercises that you can do with minimal equipment. You can use your body weight and stamina to build muscle and endurance!
  • Walking 15-30 minutes a day is an exercise that has so many great health benefits, like boosting your mood, losing weight, lowering your cholesterol, and more!
  • Jogging 30 mins a day or less will provide you with the same amount of benefits as walking.
  • The Bulgarian Split Squat requires only a bench, couch, or small chair and works multiple muscle groups like glutes, quads, hamstrings, and thighs! An exercise that targets the lower body muscle, and almost like a backward lunge with one foot slightly elevated. See a small tutorial for more info! 
  • The Goblet squat is another glute and quad burner that is quite effective in helping build lower body strength. Similar to a squat, goblet squats help teach proper form and are perfect for beginners! Watch a demonstration! 
  • The Push-Up is a classic workout and one of the most effective bodyweight exercises around! This move targets areas such as your chest, triceps, and shoulders and is great for your core as well! See how to do a proper push-up and more information! 
  • An exercise that targets the back muscles is Air Swimming, or another name is Aquaman. This exercise requires you to lay flat on your stomach while moving your arms and legs. Doing this a couple of times a week will strengthen your posture and alleviate back pain! View a short demonstration.
  • The bicycle crunch is an abdominal exercise that targets the abdominal area and obliques. It requires no equipment, making it perfect for beginners! See the demo for more helpful tips on this exercise. 
Of course, if you have weights such as dumbbells or kettlebells available to you, incorporate them into some of your workouts mentioned above for maximum effectiveness.
Some programs use minimal equipment.
  • Core de Force By Beach Body On Demand: No equipment needed, a 30-day ab-focused cardio program based on mixed martial arts, including kickboxing. Each workout is 27-47 minutes total. The subscription-based service is all done through online classes. 
  • Tone It Up: A fitness community for women offering various free and paid workouts, classes, and nutrition plans. This subscription-based service includes an app. 
  • Alo Moves: Thousands of great workout classes and videos to choose from online. The subscription-based service offers classes sorted by level, length, and style.
Treadmill workouts
Make sure to put on some music before hopping on the treadmill. Listening to music has proven to increase your endurance during your workout.
  • The 12-3-30: Walk on the treadmill with an incline of 12 at a speed of 3 mph for 30 minutes. This treadmill workout sparked popularity on social media, with many claiming it helped them lose weight. For beginners, start with a low incline and gradually move up within a couple of weeks. You’ll be sure to notice changes if you stick to it!
  • The Walk-jog Workout: This 45–60-minute workout combines walking briskly, jogging, and slowly running in different spurts. Perfect for beginners, plan to burn around 300 calories after one session.
  • Pyramid Interval Workout: This speed interval workout will change from fast to slow every couple of minutes. The constant switching of speeds is great for improving stamina and burning calories!
Indoor activities to get residents moving
  • Take the Stairs! Taking the staircase instead of an elevator is a great daily routine workout. It may not sound like the most fun option, but it will benefit you in the long run.
  • Try Some Yoga! Not only is it a great stress reliever, but it can keep you moving too. Just put on some music, find your yoga mat or soft carpet, and start stretching!
  • Do Some Chores! It can be considered a workout and help you finish your chores around the house. You work your muscles washing dishes and drying them too. Household chores are some of the most underrated examples of physical activity. Think of it as hitting two birds with one stone.
  • Set A Timer: Making time for stretch breaks is essential to your health these days, especially if you have been sitting for a long time. To help with this, set a timer for every 30 minutes to an hour. It will help remind you and keep you motivated to move every so often!
Various apps to plan workouts
  • MyFitnessPal | rating 4.5 stars | Free |Health & Nutrition, tracks calories, features other apps that track run time, schedules, and more.
  • JEFIT Workout Planner | 4.6 stars | Free | Track training, plan, use workout planner to create own routines and goals, browse the database for inspiration and instructions
  • Workout For Women: Fitness App | 4.8 stars | Free | Exercises from beginners to advanced, videos, instructions, and integration with apple health to help track calories.
  • FitOn Workouts & Fitness Plans | 4.9 Stars | Free | You can work out with celebrity trainers & fit celebs via video training sessions, set up personalized goals, and access a library of fitness workouts. Join classes any time.
  • Home Workout | 4.8 Stars | Free | Sync with Apple Health, easy-to-follow animation & video guides, reminders, view progress reports.
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