Apartment Tips for New College Students & international students

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With the hot weather turning cool and classes starting up again, many students are doing some back-to-school shopping! Paper and pencils are not the only things on the checklist, especially for students who recently moved out and into their college apartments. Making this big transition can be challenging, so we have made a list of tips, essentials, and info to help you get settled and ready for the new school year!

Helpful tips of college apartment essentials

This isn’t a dorm you’re moving into. You’ll have to furnish your home for yourself. Before doing anything else, take a moment to think about the staple pieces of furniture needed. For example, a bed frame, desk, dresser, chairs, nightstands, table, couch, etc. 

Now it’s time to get thrifty! Of course, places like Ikea, The Brick, and other warehouse stores sell good quality furniture but are sometimes too pricey. Walmart and Dollarama also sell cheap and inexpensive items.
Consider making your first purchase some of these smaller necessities as well:
  • Coffee maker
  • Kitchen utensils and dishware
  • Non-perishable snack items (Crackers, Granola/protein bars, dried fruit/nuts)
  • Towels (Paper and Fabric)
  • Cleaning supplies (Broom, Trash can, Trash bags, Disinfectant wipes, Plunger)
  • Drapes or Curtains
  • A small toolkit (building new furniture, etc.)
  • First aid kit or first aid supplies
All items listed are at your local convenience stores such as Shoppers, Walmart, and Dollarama.

Lifestyle tips

  • Always grocery shop in bulk. You can freeze items such as meats and bread to preserve them for longer. You save a lot of time and a lot of money this way! For more information, check out The Guide To Bulk Food Buying For Students​​​​​​
  • Try and set a schedule, get a calendar or a spreadsheet. Whether it's for cleaning or doing chores, you need to keep up with your monthly to-do's. Keeping a schedule will help you a lot with stress and mental health.
  • Utilize whatever facilities your complex has to offer – pool, gym, laundry, etc. Doing this will not only help you make the most of your apartment living, but it can also get you active and moving!
  • Venture out and start exploring! Part of getting a new place is figuring out the neighbourhood. What's a good place to eat? Where can I go shopping? The more familiar you are with your area, the easier it will be to get around!
  • Make sure to set a budget. Budgeting is one of the most important things when it comes to moving out. With all your expenses, you'll need to figure out which should be the top priority and how much you should save for leisurely activities like going to the movies, etc. For more insight, check out this short article on How To Budget For Living On Your Own

Best places to do homework in the area

U of M area:

  • The Elizabeth Dafoe Library offers quiet, secluded spaces for individual students to work at and study. The library also has a coffee shop with beautiful natural light everywhere. 
  • The E.K Williams Law Library in Robinson Hall is a great, quiet place to hunker down and start studying.
  • If you're craving classic lattes and cappuccinos with your homework, then Starbucks is the best place for you!
  • The Daily Bread Cafe is just outside the campus and provides delicious meals with great seating spaces.
  • The Millennium Library offers something for everyone. Their third floor is where most students go to study and work after school. Offering many resources for projects and amenities such as free Wi-Fi, this library is beautiful and quiet.
  • Forth Café serves delicious coffee and incredible comfort food. With various seating arrangements and access to the rooftop, this is a great place to grab a bite to eat while working on school projects.
  • Another great place to enjoy coffee and food while studying is The Human Bean Coffee & Tea. With over 100 beverages on their menu, this is a great place to work while keeping your brain energized.
  • The Fyxx Espresso Bar has a relaxing atmosphere and is never too busy. They sell good quality coffee, breakfast, and lunch options.
Studying in the comfort of your own home is always the best too!

Information on amenities and resources nearby (community)

U of M area:

  • Join U of M’s online Alumni Book Club, where you can discuss and read books on lifelong learning, leadership, and more. This club is a great way to create new connections!
  • Many more Alumni benefits and programs, creating and building a community throughout 140 countries.
  • A beautiful, new, and modern Fitness Facility is open to all students and members at the Fort Garry and Bannatyne campus. The Active Living Centre includes cardio and cross-fit equipment, free weights, a 35-foot climbing wall, and more!
  • Winnipeg Transit currently operates 13 transit routes to the Fort Garry campus and several to their other locations. With passes, planners, and resources, U of M helps you plan your travel no matter where you live in the city.
  • The U of M issues over $17 million to students each year with scholarships, bursaries, and financial aid.
  • With the Student Accessibility Services (SAS), U of M supports students with disabilities, creating a safer and accessible campus experience.
  • Have incredible programs, support groups, and offers a safe environment for the indigenous community at the U of M.
For more information, visit the University of Manitoba’s community page or find out how the students are supported at https://umanitoba.ca/student-supports

Downtown area:

  • Access to rapid transit and major bus routes leading you anywhere throughout downtown. There is also a small guide to how our transit system works for students.
  • Students and individuals can rent out spaces like board rooms and computer rooms in libraries downtown for studying, meetings, and group projects! Visit https://wpl.winnipeg.ca/library/ourservices/meetingrooms.asp for more information! 
  • The city offers Indigenous programs and resources that partner with sponsors such as Broadway Neighbourhood Centre Inc. and Spence Neighbourhood Association Inc. They provide awards, scholarships, and employment opportunities
  • Students and individuals have access to books, music, movies, and eBooks of any library as long as they have a library membership card. These cards are free and can be acquired when visiting your local library. The library card is helpful if you need books for classes, etc.
  • The city of Winnipeg provides students and students immigrating to Winnipeg with a long list of resources accessible to them. For more information, check out amenities with The General Newcomers Information

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