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Apartment Safety Brochure.
The Professional Property Managers Association (PPMA) and the Winnipeg Police Service have developed a brochure specifically for residents which provides safety tips on parking areas, elevators, mailbox security, laundry rooms, and more. Read more and download the apartment watch brochure here: https://mcusercontent.com/121a2e0dd08cd0d519a6b4025/files/6ca4be5a-b579-4876-8920-f89d67faaad9/2018_Safety_Brochure_Web.pdf     
Protecting your Vehicle and Contents.
We all have a role to play in safety & crime prevention. Most property crimes, such as thefts from vehicles, are crimes of opportunity. Read more by visiting the Winnipeg Police Service link here: https://www.winnipeg.ca/police/TakeAction/vehicle_theft_prevention.stm 

Suspicious Activity.
Should you see suspicious activity happening in your apartment building, please call the police. Your safety and the safety of your neighbours is the most important thing. 

Neighbours Make Great Friends.
Some residents have great neighbours they can trust and are willing to grab your mail or keep an eye out while out on a vacation or a business trip. 

Going on Vacation 
Make sure you let your Property Manager know that you're going to be away or out of the country and check up on your lease renewal date. You don't want to be thinking about your rental renewal while you're on your vacation.

Family Pet Dog.
If you live alone, you might want to consider getting a pet. Dogs are wonderful companions and have great intuition when it comes to detecting an unsafe environment. Thank goodness Thorwin Properties is a pet-friendly company.

Let there be light.
Keep your common areas such as your front door, hallways, or stairs well lit. It will help you spot intruders and ensure that they have no space to hide. When you are away from home, you may consider using a timer or motion-sensing lights. I like to keep one lamp open and activate my Google Speaker to play relaxing music with a scheduled time to shut down before leaving my apartment home. I would also recommend reporting any burnt-out lights in your building to your Resident Community Manager.

Got Insurance? 
We always highly recommend getting renters insurance. We even have a partnership program with BFL Insurance who has competitive rates with adequate coverage. Being insured provides that peace of mind that protects the value of your belongings, should they be damaged during a break-in or destroyed in a disaster. Other insurance policies cover water and fire damage. Obtaining additional insurance coverage can also protect you from fire or water damage to another neighbour's property – if deemed responsible for it.

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