11 Winter Car Maintenance Tips

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Let it snow! But wait, what about your car? Manitoba winter is charming, and to make it a great experience, let's talk about car safety. More precisely, what to do to keep your car on the go during cold nights and stormy days. It is the right time to get ready. 

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Start with your tires. Winter tires are great for everyday winter driving. If you have them – check if they still do the job, making you safe on the road. We want to take a deeper look at all-weather and all-season tires, as they have a difference. All-weather tires are for better winter grip without compromising durability. They perform well in different seasons but are better for winter than all-season ones. They are not as good as winter tires for snowy and icy weather. 
All-season tires last longer than all-weather, but their performance level is lower during winter. Considering the storms we can experience, the number one choice is winter tires. Then we have all-weather tires and all-season.  


Check your wipers. We have lower-than-usual visibility during storm season. This way, the wipers are the key to a clean windshield. The prices are getting high, and we better consider getting more life out of the ones we have. Wipe them down with vinegar or window cleaner. Go up and down the rubber part. It will help you to get rid of dirt and old dry rubber. The good idea is to pop wipers up during parking, so it will be easier to clean the windshield. Make sure it is not windy, as a strong wind can damage them.