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Parking may be a challenge for all the residents in downtown Winnipeg. City centre life is always busy, and parking is restricted or expensive. So, what to do if you live in the area and your apartment building has no parking? No worries, Winnipeg services took care of it! 


A residential parking permit program is a secret gem for every Winnipeg resident. How does it work? 

Every permit holder can park in their zone but still obey all traffic by-laws, such as snow removal bans and seasonal cleanings. The permit system makes you eligible to park without time restrictions.  

To apply for a permit, visit and submit your application. You can also renew your current Residential Permit online.  

What documents to include: 

  • A photo ID with your current address (driver's license) 

  • A Completed Application Form – you can download it through the same link 

  • Valid MPI Registration (both white and blue certificates) 

  • Current rental agreement, or utility bill 

  • A valid e-mail address 

Learn more at 

You can also cancel your permit through the same online service. 


Please, note: offline applications are available for renewal only. As a new resident, you need to apply online. For offline renewal, send your applications here:  

The Parking Store 

495 Portage Avenue 

Winnipeg, MB R3B 2E4 


Pricing is different for zones. Click here to see current prices: 


If you have any questions, visit The Parking Store at 495 Portage Avenue, or call 1-877-311-4974. Office hours are Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. 


After you receive a permit, you still need to obey snow removal bans and seasonal cleanings. Know Your Zone App can be very useful here. It is available in App Store and Play Market in En and Fr. The app provides up-to-date snow zone for every residential parking ban.  

Winnipeg Know Your Zone on the App Store 


Download the app and learn about parking bans, snow zones associated with your address, and even the schedule. Save your address and receive notifications for any removals in your zone.  


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