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Pets Allowed

Thorwin Properties allows for two pets (any combination of cat/dog). Approval must be granted by Thorwin Properties before bringing any pet onto the property.

Responsible Pet Ownership

Thorwin Properties upholds The Responsible Pet Ownership By-Law. The By-Law includes a list of all prohibited animals within the limits of the City of Winnipeg (See schedule A). All prohibited animals listed in the by-law are also prohibited in the buildings managed by Thorwin Properties.

Water Pets

Residents may have a fish tank/bowl up to a maximum of 5 Gallons (20 litres).

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responsibilities of

The Pet Owner

License and Vaccination

All pets are to be licensed and vaccinated in accordance with local laws.


When maintenance staff or contractors have to enter the unit apartment home, please find a spot in your apartment home to safely and comfortably contain your family pet(s) while the work is being completed.

Owner's Responsibility

Residents assume full responsibility for their pets at-all-times. Please click on the City of Winnipeg Bylaw No. 92/2013 and List of Prohibited Animals (Section 33) for full detailed information. 

Pet Noise

Residents are responsible for ensuring that their pets do not disturb or cause harm to other residents, guests, neighbours or cause damage to the property. Excessive barking will not be tolerated and may be grounds for immediate eviction of both owner and the pet.

Pet Waste

The resident shall be responsible to clean up and dispose of their pet’s waste appropriately at-all-times. Residents who are found not cleaning up after their pet will be subject to an additional $100 per offense penalty.

Pet Deposit

The Pet Deposit is $50.00 per pet and it must be received prior to your pet moving in. Maximum 2 pets. Please call 204-222-2422 for more details.

Pet Behaviour

Any aggressive behaviour will be reported to animal control and may result in possible eviction of the animal.


Cats can be transported in carriers when moving through common areas or on a leash. Dogs must be on a leash.

Additional Pets

Residents who want a pet after moving in or are adding another pet to their suite apartment home must ask for their property manager's written permission and agree to pay the required fees.

Pet Roaming

Pets are not permitted to roam free in communal areas and must not be left unattended on the balcony.


Residents are responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of their apartment home, including the balcony. Any pet excrement or urine found in these areas will not be tolerated and may be grounds for immediate eviction of both Resident and pet and may be reported to animal control and/or the health authority.

Pets Permitted

Thorwin Properties will assess certain factors when approving each pet including but not limited to: suitability for each individual apartment community, temperament, breed, and weight.